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Information on student loans for students and parents concerning undergraduate, graduate/professional, and continuing education. Easy to understand links and resources to understand college funding including tools and calculators. Read personal stories from college parents and students on navigating the financial aid process. Discover how successful graduates are paying off their student loans in a responsible way.

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Sallie Mae - Private and Federal Student Loans

Learn all about interest rates, consolations, repayment plans, forgiveness, defaults, cancellations and discharges of student loans. Find out information on the pros and cons of private, federal, state, peer-to-peer student loans.

Reduce your student loans by attendinga community college for your first two years. Here's a community college guide to find one near you.

Recent articles
Student Loans for Private Colleges in Florida (FL) 2012 & 2013

Bad Credit

If you have a poor credit score there are things you can do to improve it. Learn how to repair your credit. You can do it yourself or hire a legal company to help correct mistakes on your credit report.

Need a credit card? Apply for a student credit card today. Start building your credit history. Keep in many employers now run credit checks on employees before making a job offer. Use your credit in a responsible manner.


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