List of Private Student Loan Companies 2014

Not all student loan companies are created equal. It is important to compare loans before accepting them.

Private Banks

- Chase
- Citibank
- Sallie Mae
- Wells Fargo
- Bank of America
- Discover (recently purchased Citi’s student loan division).


Information on Citibank student loan consolidation programs, and credit unions consolidation.

Credit Unions offering student loans
- American Airlines Federal Credit Union
- Advanced Financial FCU
- Aspire FCU – Aspire Federal Credit Union
- Credit Union of New Jersey

- FDU FCU – Fairleigh Dickinson University
- First Financial FCU – First Financial Federal Credit Union
- First Jersey Credit Union
- Liberty Savings FCU
- NJ Gateway Federal Credit Union

- NIH Federal Credit Union

- Raritan Bay FCU
- Seaport Federal Credit Union
- Tri-Co Federal Credit Union
- United Poles FCU

Before taking out a loan for college it is important to understand student debt and how it will affect you after graduation. Learn more at Student Debt News.

Keep in mind all banks use credit scores to determine who is eligible and interest rates. If you or you’re parents have a low credit score learn how to repair your credit legally There are companies and attorneys that are specialist in this matter. Or you can do it yourself.

Some of the largest student loan companies include Sallie Mae and Citi Student Loans (now owned by Discover.)


List of Student Loans Companies
Best Student Loan Consolidation Companies

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