Citibank Private Student Loan Consolidation 2012 & 2013

Consolidate all your student loans into one payment with a Citibank student loan consolidation program. You can often get a lower interest rate, and sometimes a fixed interest rate. Consolidated loans are often extended over a longer time period making it easier to pay down your student loans. Citibank offers several options for consolidating your loans.

Before finalizing a student loan consolidation make sure to compare other lenders to Citibank to see what they can offer. Important things to consider are interest rates, flexibility, length of loans and penalty for late payments.


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Application and Solicitation Disclosures (READ CAREFULLY)

Questions to Ask

- What is the grace period after graduation?
- Is it a fixed interest rate?
- Do they offer extended payment options?
- Is there a penalty for prepayment?

Example interest rates for Citibank Student Loans including undergraduate, graduate, law, health professionals, and residency.

List of other private student loan consolidation companies. Compare the offers before applying for a consolidation.

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Other lending companies to consider are Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Key bank, Chase, and your local credit union. Here’s a list of student loan consolidation companies with links.



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